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 Welcome to Studio Performance 2019

Welcome to the Berklee 2019 Summer Session course "Studio Performance". I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time and sharing my 30 years of recording studio experience with you. Please browse my web site, if you wish, for more information about me. I am thrilled to also welcome Daniel Chatham ( as my assistant. Daniel will be handling all of the studio time scheduling for the course and is the first stop for any questions you may have regarding class times, studio scheduling etc.

The objective of "Studio Performance" is to introduce you to the recording studio process and terminology, to teach you how to prepare for a recording session, and to give you some tips and tricks to help you make your own special magic when the red light comes on!

In addition to class time, every student will be invited to schedule a recording session. These sessions will be held at  Mix One Recording Studios 1260 Boylston St Suite 204 on July 24, July 30, 31 and August 7 from 12-5pm. Students will be required to sign up for their performance time slot in advance during class or by contacting Daniel and requesting a slot. Slots will be limited to 20 minutes per student. You may check the schedule here to see what time slots may be available, however, be aware that you must get a confirmation form Daniel as the reservation sheet may not be completely up to date when you view it. I will be explaining more about your recording time when we meet in class.   You may record and original song, a cover song, a jam, anything you would like. You may bring accompanists, or play to to a prerecorded track. There are some practical limitations to ensemble sizes and instrumentation. A drum kit will only be provided on the July 30 and 31st sessions. Please include a description of your performance when you sign up. For ex: "Solo performer-guitar and vocal" OR “2 performers, vocalist and acoustic guitarist, etc. This information will help us when it comes time to set the studio and will give you more time for the actual recording.

Please check the other posts on this site for information on preparing for your session.

Get ready learn about "Studio Performance"!