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Introduction to DIY Recording Tips for Singer Songwriters

Many of my outside production projects these days involve at least some of the tracks being recorded by the artists themselves at home. I've written these DIY articles to help bridge the gap between home recording and the professional studio. These articles are designed to be fairly basic and not too technical. In depth information on your set up, advanced mic'ing techniques, etc can be found all over the internet. My goal is to help you get good usable tracks at home with whatever recording program you're using and provide you with the information you need to share these tracks with me and other collaborators, musicians and recording studios. You can spend your whole life learning to engineer, mix and master music. It's an art and a science, and there will probably always be a time for the artist to call in the experts in order to get the best possible results. But, we can all good usable tracks at home.

I invite everyone to comment on these articles and to add any more specific information you may have regarding these topics, particularly "how to" information for different DAW applications.

A note to engineers and producers: I welcome your feedback and links to your own sites regarding these topics. Please keep in mind that this information is not aimed at professional recordists and if you want to go all techno weenie with debates about tape verses digital or mic placement, do it with a link and keep it out of the comments.

PS If you take one thing away from these articles, let it be "Back up your files often" CH

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