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Get the Vibe Recording at Home

The beauty of going to a recording studio is that someone else is handling all those left brain technical chores (setting the mics up, getting the headphones going etc.), leaving you to concern yourself mainly with making good music. However, many of us love working in solitude at home at whatever time of day we feel inspired....

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Audio Recording Templates

All of the recording software programs that I am familiar with allow you to create and save templates as a starting point for every new song. Which means, every time you start a new song you can have many of the technical set up chores already done for you by starting with a template.

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Record Better Vocals

Vocals are often the most important element of the song, and one of the most difficult instruments you'll be faced with recording. Everybodys' voice sounds different, and every microphone responds differently to that voice depending on a variety of factors

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