Crit Harmon

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Production Credits

Martin Sexton "Black Sheep"     Produce/Engineer
Martin Sexton "Wonderbar"     Engineer/Mix
Martin Sexton "Camp Holiday"     Engineer/Mix
Martin Sexton "Seeds"     Produce/Engineer
Martin Sexton "Sugarcoating"     Produce/Engineer
Susan Werner “An American in Havana”  Mix and Mastering Supervisor
 Susan Werner "I Can't Be New"     Produce/Engineer
Susan Werner "Classics"     Produce/Engineer
Susan Werner "Hayseed"     Produce/Engineer
Susan Werner “8 Unnecessary Songs"     Produce/Engineer/Mix
Lori McKenna "Pieces of Me"     Producer/Engineer/Mix
Meg Hutchinson "The Crossing"     Produce/Engineer
Meg Hutchinson "Come Up Full"     Produce/Engineer
Meg Hutchinson "The Living Side"     Produce/Engineer
Meg Hutchinson "Beyond That"     Produce/Engineer
Edie Carey "Another Kind of Fire"     Produce/Engineer
Mary Gauthier "Dixie Kitchen"     Produce/Engineer/Mix
Mary Gauthier "Drag Queens In Limousines"     Produce/Engineer/Mix
Ed Romanoff "Ed Romanoff"     Produce/Engineer
Kerri Powers "You Me and a Red Head"     Produce/Engineer/Mix
Kerri Powers "Faith in the Shadows"     Produce/Engineer
Jess Klein "Wishes Well Disguised"     Produce/Engineer
Fordham Wilkes "From the Earth Below"     Co-Produce/Engineer/Mix
Fordham Wilkes "People in the Sun"     Co-Produce/Engineer/Mix
Fordham Wilkes "Upstream"     Co-Produce/Engineer/Mix
Tim Gearan "Trouble Wheels"     Mix
Kate Klim "Up and Down and Up Again"     Produce/Engineer
Matt Lowell "Second Storm EP"     Produce/Engineer
Leo Miguel "Sob o luar"     Produce/Engineer
Jonathan Pointer "Love Songs from the Outskirts of Bliss"     Produce/Engineer/Mix
John Sheldon "No Brakes"     Produce/Engineer
John Troy "Just When I thought I Was Done"     Produce/Engineer
Caroline Aiken "Unshaken"     Produce/Engineer