Crit Harmon

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About "Welcome to the New World"

A few years ago a band mate from high school sent me a lyric idea for a song called “Bunker Baby”. The song was about an unhinged survivalist prepper who had built an underground bunker and was looking for a lover to live with him in the bunker after the inevitable apocalypse hit. As I reworked the lyric and developed the song I became fascinated with the character and wrote a few other songs in his voice-“Watcha Watching Now?”, “I’ve Been Dreaming” and "Radio Silence”. I imagined him holed up in his bunker broadcasting his music and rants on a ham radio to whomever was still alive and listening. At the time I was binge watching “The Walking Dead”, which dragged me further into the apocalypse and inspired the songs “You Won’t Die” and “Secret Religion. Then more songs came triggered by protest marches on the news, the Trump election, terrorist attacks and international war mongering. At some point working away in my basement studio I realized why the ideas were flowing so easily….I was the guy down in the Bunker and the world was going crazy.“