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Recording Session Information

We are delighted to invite you to a professional recording studio to record a performance. Your instructor will be there to produce and provide creative direction. You may choose to record any material you desire and may perform solo or invite a maximum of 2 other accompanists. Sorry, due to time restrictions, full drum kits will not be accommodated.(consider small percussion instruments if you wish). Your session will be mixed and delivered to you by the next class, at which time you will be asked to play it for the class and to discuss your studio experience with your classmates.

Recording sessions will take place at Mix One Recording Studios 1260 Boylston St Suite 204 Boston, MA 02215 Sign up sheets for scheduling your time will be available during class hours. Scheduling changes and questions that come up outside of regular class hours should be directed to Juan Penopolania (jpenapolania@berklee.ed  PLEASE DO NOT CALL MIX ONE STUDIOS DIRECTLY AS THEY HAVE NO INFORMATION ON CLASS PARTICULARS.

Sessions will be from 15-20 minutes long. This is not a lot of time for set up and multiple takes, so, please study the suggestions below on BEING FULLY PREPARED! The sign up sheets will ask you for a brief description of what you intend to do to help us expedite setting up microphones etc. The actual start time of your session will vary depending on how things are going with the performers ahead of you. However, you can approximate your time slot. For ex: If you've signed up for the 3rd slot in the 12-2 time zone, allowing 20 minutes each for the first 2 performers, you must be ready to start as early as 12:40. In any event, please be early, in tune, warmed up and ready to go!

You are also encouraged to attend the Wednesday sessions as an observer. If the room gets too crowded we may have to rotate in and out. I will try and do my best to educate observers during the sessions.

Note: Mix One has an electric piano that you may opt to use.