Crit Harmon

Producer etc

Preparing for Your Session

-Make sure you know where Mix One is. Don't be hunting for it at the last minute!
-Don't be late. You will be costing yourself YOUR time in the studio. Be early.
-Know your music. Don’t plan on writing a song in the studio. Before the session, establish the best key, know the melody and lyrics, smooth out pitch and range difficulties and lock in the tempo.
-Rehearse, either by yourself or with anyone who may be accompanying you on the session. Practice with a metronome if you plan to use a click track. Record yourself at home if you can, even if it’s only on your phone. Get used to hearing your recorded self.
-If you’re bringing your own instrument, make sure it is in good playing order.( Newish strings for guitarists, stretch em out so they stay in tune!).If you are expecting to use an instrument at the studio, make sure they have one! Please contact Sarah for studio info, we are trying to keep the calls to the studio at a minimum, they are very busy).
-Come rested and ready. Don’t blow out your voice the day before practicing or gigging!

What to Bring:
-Your instrument.
-A copy of Your instrumental track if you plan on recording to one. Also, please send an MP3 version of the track to the instructor ( in advance of the session. If there's time we'll have it cued up and ready to go when you walk in.  
-Lyrics Consider bringing a copy for the producer/engineer if you wish to have them patrol pronunciation and make sure you sing the lyrics that you intended to sing.

This should be a fun learning experience. Be prepared and do your best.